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Paint it Out!…Our Town Crier Project

on April 18, 2014

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Our project revolved around the topic of mental health of the students of Alfred. With a chart containing different paint colors to represent a mood/feeling, we asked approaching students and staff how they were doing, while also asking them to participate in our project. We asked that they choose the color to represent their mood: green=okay, yellow=happy, blue=sad, red=angry, and gray=stressed. They were allowed to paint anything they wanted on our cloth tarp to express their feelings.

We had interesting feedback from out participants… Many really took the time to stop and think about what they were feeling, which of course was the point. One student in particular chose stressed and painted a math formula because he had a test to study for that was on his mind.

A woman commented that this was a great way to express mental health…it was along the lines of art therapy. She suggested we could possibly hang the tarp up in the wellness center.

We had many participants and all of them were very eager to paint on the tarp! Overall, there was a lot of yellow paint on the tarp, which is good! Apparently Alfred is a happy place to be! Gray was a close second, and green also. So, many students were stressed or feeling just okay.


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